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Samples of Excellent Memos to Management  

    Library Article Databases
    Nominal vs. Purchasing Power Parity Adjusted Country per Capita GNPs
         World Bank table
         Class charts and illustrations
    The California Win-Win Project
    Finding and Translating Foreign Language Marketing Information
    Study Guide for Chapters 1-6 of the text
    Study Guide for Chapters 7-9 of the text
    Guidelines on Memos to Management
    Study checklist for midterm
    Sample midterm      Sample Answers to Sample Midterm
    Summary of In-Class Material for Midterm
    Study Guide for Chapters 10-12
    Study Guide for The Culturally Customized Web Site
    Study Checklist for Classroom Material for Final
    Sample Final     Sample Answers to Sample Final
    Summary of New Material for Final

PowerPoint Presentations
     The California Win-Win Project
     Economics, Political, and Legal Systems
     Culture, Part I
     Culture, Part II
     Environmental Scanning and Marketing Research
     Decision Making for Market Selection
     Entry Strategies
     Pricing and Distribution
     Electronic Commerce