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Welcome to MKTG 476:
Marketing, Computers, and the Internet!




    Study Guide for Internet Marketing
    SDSU BATS Software Training Handouts
    Study Checklist for Midterm I
    Summary of Information Covered In Class for Midterm I
    Sample Answers to Sample Midterm I
    Excel Spreadsheet to Count Score Frequencies
    Summary of Classroom Material for Midterm I
    Sample Answers to Sample Midterm I
    Study Checklist for Midterm II
    Sample Midterm II  Sample Answers to Sample Midterm II
    Summary of New Information for Midterm II
    Study Checklist for Final
    Sample Final  Sample Answers to Sample Final
    Summary of New Material For Final

PowerPoint slides:

    The Electronic Age of Marketing
    Internet Markets and Segments
    Taking Marketing to the Net
    International Issues, Part I
    International Issues, Part II
    International Issues, Part III
    International Issues, Part IV
    Search Engine Optimization
    Intro to Web Site Design and Microsoft FrontPage
    FrontPage II
    Computer Security
    Current Topics in E-Commerce
    Web Site Features and Statistical Software
    Relational Databases