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Samples of Excellent Memos to Management

    Study Guide for Text, chs. 1-6
    Library Article Databases
    Nominal vs. Purchasing Power Parity Adjusted Country per Capita GNPs
         World Bank table
         Class charts and illustrations
    The California Win-Win Project
    Finding and Translating Foreign Language Marketing Information
    Guidelines on Memos to Management
    Summary of In-Class Material for Midterm I
    Study checklist for Midterm I
    Sample Midterm I   Sample Answers
    Study Guide for Text, chapters 1-6
    Study Guide for Text, chapters 7-9
    Study Checklist for Classroom Material for Midterm II
    Sample Midterm II  Sample Answers to Sample MT II
    Summary of New Material for Midterm II
    Study Guide for Chapters 10-12
    Study Checklist for Final
    Sample Final -->  Sample Answers to Sample Final
    Summary of New Material for Final

PowerPoint Presentations
     The California Win-Win Project
     Economics, Political, and Legal Systems
     Culture, Part I
     Culture, Part II
     Environmental Scanning and Marketing Research
     Decision Making for Country Entry
     Entry Strategies
     Pricing and Distribution
     Electronic Commerce