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Jim Croce Song Lyric Facts

Only one woman shared with Jim the knowledge of the feelings associated with the loss of a dream.


“Slim,” the man who cut and shot Big Jim, was from South Alabama. His real name was Willie McCoy.


Jim ended up not even saying hello to the woman he used to love. They both tried (most likely unsuccessfully) to forget each other’s names.


The worst man in Chicago was named LeRoy Brown.


New York was not Jim’s home.


The manner in which Jim carried his name was identical to that of his father.


One’s identity is determined by what one has done.


Circumstances forced Jim Croce to tell a woman that he loved her by way of a song. Given the late hour that Jim selected to deliver this message, the woman may or may not have been appreciative.


Despite his limited intellectual capacity, Big Jim was called “Boss” when antisocial characters convened after dark.


In one heart-wrenching relationship, Jim cried on twice as many occasions as he laughed. He concluded that arson was an appropriate remedy for bridges that connected people who had undergone incompatible changes.


Jim was unsuccessful in his attempt to find an executive position where he could smoke a big cigar and instead ended up working at a car wash.


The donation of a walker to Big Jim was made by residents of 42nd Street.


Not being satisfied with ordinary males, one woman attempted to turn Jim into a martyr. She was unsuccessful, however, because of Jim’s extreme reluctance to try something new.


Baseball batters are well advised to consider the direction of the wind.


Jim surprised himself by being captivated by a “roller derby queen.” This woman was called “Spike” by her friends, although the promoters preferred to call her “Toughee.” He was aware, however, that she might be disagreeable and truculent.


The standard of comparison for Big Jim’s level of intelligence was a rural equine.


Jim pledged to move toward his dream with pride even if the ultimate destination turned out to be nowhere.


Even a junkyard dog could not surpass the meanness of LeRoy Brown.


The degeneration that occurred over time brought about Jim’s inability to decipher important information recorded on a matchbox. When the individual he consulted over the phone was unable to help, Jim attempted to start a conversation on how things were unreal despite the fact that he felt otherwise.


Jim found himself unable to preserve time in a bottle.


Tomorrow is separated from today by one dream.


One year during the holiday season, Jim found several Christmas carols to sound like blues. He did not blame the choir, however, despite the fact that its members’ somewhat minor failings in the attempt to carry a tune. Further, he resolved that the state of affairs was not fate cast in stone and planned for an impromptu meeting to facilitate a happier outcome.


Even men who carry devices intended for shaving in their shoes, with a backup of a pocket full of amusement, should be careful about pursuing the wives of jealous men.


A woman who was part of Jim’s life underwent reverse alchemy as her tongue turned from silver to clay.


King Kong failed to match LeRoy Brown in the badness department.


At the time of writing one of his songs, Jim could still remember the first time he told one woman that he loved her.


One should not attempt to tug on Superman’s cape or pull off the Lone Ranger’s mask.


A former girlfriend was believed to live in Los Angeles with an ex-friend of Jim’s.


Jim experienced a dream featuring love, complete stillness, and lemon-scented rain. He was very disappointed when he awoke.


It appeared that at least two pieces were missing from the jigsaw puzzle that Leroy Brown ended up resembling.


The worst part of Chicago is located on the South Side.


Jim relied on photographs, Christmas cards, and recollections to remind him of a time when he claimed possession of one woman.


Although Jim wished he were able to pull down a star for a special woman, she had to settle for a kiss and an apology. He also made some vague promises on conditions of visibility on the subsequent day.


LeRoy Brown was captivated by a woman named Dorris. Unfortunately, she was married.


Potential employers were not receptive to education about Jim’s superior intellectual firepower.


A Georgia police officer, as he issued a $100 fine, suggested that a severe visual impairment might have caused Speedball Tucker to confuse the Interstate 95 designation sign with a posted speed limit. By the way, Speedball was not one to be deterred by speed bumps.


At the time of writing, Jim had not been informed that juveniles lack the ability to fall in love.


It was anticipated that the noisy closing of a door would signal the reduction in the number of jeans and footsteps in one woman’s home.


Jim used to spend time with a woman as they laughed, consumed beer, and felt strong affection for each other during periods of precipitation in a southern U.S. state.


LeRoy Brown was 6’4”. He liked to wear diamond rings.


One of Jim’s motivations for returning to Georgia on foot was the assertion of woman there that she loved him. This revelation was made on a road in Macon under oppressive weather conditions and impure air.


One woman from Mississippi facilitated the transportation of Jim to Heaven, but for undisclosed reasons, he returned to New York to city participate in a musical group.


Men working on a chain gang made noise as their faces signaled their displeasure.


Saturday night outings appear to be especially eventful. However, one should be careful about standing beneath chandeliers on such occasions.


LeRoy Brown had both a custom Continental and an El Dorado. It is unclear, however, whether Big Jim had other cars than his Cadillac.


During one interstate walk, Jim was able to rely solely on his backpack to store the entirety of his possessions, with his pockets not required for augmentation.


Jim suspected that one woman, in whom he had or had had a strong romantic interest, might cherish silence.


Men did not address LeRoy Brown the same way downtown ladies did.